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Our probiotic based feed supplements and programs are an affordable, all natural, user-friendly alternative that has positive, short and long-term impacts on production, the health of the herd and the environment.

We focus on farmer results and servicing our customers needs. With many long term users now reaping the benefits. Through our small group of experienced consultants, we are committed to helping farmers overcome the many herd health burdens that impact margins and impact the farmer on an ongoing basis.


About BioPro Probiotics

Case Studies

BioPro aims to provide the best quality and most affordable product possible. We have conducted several studies to ensure the best product possible. 

Our Commitment
  • Provide an ethical, all natural, Probiotic based line of products to assist the dairy farmer at an affordable price.

  • Provide a support base of experienced consultants to assist the farmer.

  • Provide a competitively priced line of BioPro formulas and custom blends of vitamins and minerals direct to farmers.

  • Put the farmers needs first and foremost above all else.

  • Ongoing development of cutting edge probiotics based products.

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