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Australia's Leading Probiotic Company

Australian Probiotic Solutions is one of Australia's leading animal nutrition businesses. Offering a wide range of products that are designed to produce highly productive and efficient animals. 


Our program focuses on long term results, maintaining cow health and fertility via daily seeding of very high levels of probiotics, digestive enzymes and active live yeast. Healthy cows are more fertile, have more consistent production, cycle stronger, get in calf easier, calve more efficiently, are less stressed, hold condition more efficiently and makes farming more profitable with less stress. 


Backed by over 18 years of long-term use in Australia and ongoing research worldwide, the BioPro Probiotics range has been formulated in conjunction with leading US microbiologists, some of Australia's preeminent dairy and beef producers, industry vets and ruminant nutritionists.


We offer a viable, natural alternative to the antibiotic based rumen enhancement additives that are linked to lower fertility, cystic ovaries, metritis, lower fertility rates, lower fat test and are potentially fatal if overdosed, especially heifers.


It has been shown for probiotics to work effectively they have to be included at high levels, preferably with a quality multi ingredient, probiotic, enzyme, and live yeast package, and be affordable to the farmer. The Australian Probiotic Solutions Probiotics Range are all of that, are affordable, reliable, safe to use and one of the strongest natural rumen agents available on the Australian market that farmers can 100% rely on. 

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