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BioPro Benefits for Low Grain Feeders

Case Study: Two year Monitor Program South Gippsland 


• Two side-by-side Holstein herds belonging to father and son, Kevin and Rob McAlpine


• Year 1 on the below graph was the normal results year in year out before the trial started

Rob replaced the Rumensin with the probiotic and reduced grain by 1.5kg/cow/day to only 1 kilo a day. There was minimal change in production in the first year of the monitoring project. In year 2 of the study, a slight drop in production occurred, this was due to drier weather.

Kevin stayed on Rumensin, reduced grain each year without using the Probiotic.  Production dropped in line with grain reduction and the 2nd year lost more cow condition than the herd on the program.


This monitoring project has strong implications for low grain feeding herds. It was observed in the years of the project that, not only was production maintained on the probiotic-based lower grain feeding herd, but body condition score was maintained and this was reflected in strong fertility outcomes and higher production. 


This demonstrates that in a low grain feed system, concentrating on home grown farm dry matter utilization, a probiotic-based supplement can help.

















3 Year Total Milk Graph.jpg



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