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BioPro Lead Feed Program Observations


Observations on the effect of BioPro SuperStart, fed 16 - 18 days prior to calving in the case study by Wade Agricultural and reported by Katunga farmer Micheal Harvey.

• Increased dry matter intake  

• Cows calve down much easier, with fewer issues and minimal retained foetal membranes


• As a result of fewer RFMs, there was reduced incidence of metritis and endometritis – improved reproductive performance was documented


• Reduced downer cows


• Reduced assisted calvings


• Minimal subclinical ketosis – reducing ketosis is known to assist in reducing mastitis post calving

• Minimal to no milk fever when appropriate diet fed and full BioPro program implemented 

• Cows that got mastitis or milk fever responded very well to treatments and returned to full milk production more efficiently with minimal ongoing issues

• Stronger, more consistent milk flow and solids


• Improved body condition score noticeable in first 90 days


• Comments endorsed by Beaudesert vet, Robyn Plunkett and backed up by case study from Wade Agricultural. Full case study available on request


Case Study: Background

Analysed by Wade Agricultural.


North Victorian Dairy, milking 125 cows. This farm changed from using a live yeast product and a proprietary pre-calving anionic salt supplement to Biopro Superstart and Biopro Base DFM in the dairy ration in August 2013. The difference in the milk price from the previous year based on this change in milk components is 6.3c/litre.  This equates to an extra $ 4,990 for the month of March at an average daily production of 2555 litres.









Case Study: Calf Health











• The seven assisted calvings were a result of incorrect bull selection. With seven very large calves and assisted births there was not a single RFM. The same has also been reported when twins are born.


• It is difficult to ignore the improvement in herd and calf health, as it has been so dramatic.  This farm, along with many other long term users have had virtually no herd health problems since implementing the BioPro Probiotic program.


Case study: Cow Health Problems at Calving
Observations (Reported by Wade Agricultural Consultants)

• Three sets of twins and seven pulled calves - no retained foetal membranes.

• All cows calved without any metabolic problems and cleaned after calving

• Cows showed minimal udder oedema only heifers with a high body condition score showed some oedema

• Cows maintained better condition after calving

• An extended peak production period was also reported







Four-year lactation curve production graphs of well known Australian high producers, Robbie Malcolm and Alison Mcdonald - see below

2013 red graph was the start of BioPro Probiotics programme.


Note extended lactation curve and dry off 4 litres higher end of 2013 graph.


Feed program identical to previous years.










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