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Calves & Cow in Pasture
BioPro Saccharomyces

BioPro DFM has high levels of the same strain of probiotic yeast - Saccharomyces cerevisiae, utilised in this trial.


A study published in the Journal of dairy Science (Marden, J.P., et al 2008 J.Dairy Sci. 91: 3528-3535), found the following advantages over sodium bicarbonate using the same strain of yeast;


• Equally as effective as sodium bicarbonate at stabilising rumen pH 

• Increased lactate utilisation by stimulating lactate utilising bacteria.  Decreased lactate (acidosis forming) conc. (by 67%)


• Increased propionate (by 70%)


• Increased measured fibre digestibility


• Favoured the activity of cellulolytic bacteria


• Increased N (Ammonia) utilisation 


• Increased volatile fatty acid production




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