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BioPro Super Calf 


High level blend of Probiotics, Bovatec, vitamins, minerals & active dry live yeast.


• To assist early growth and vigour in milk fed calves


• Assist control of coccidiosis


• Designed for mixing in milk or milk replacers


• Bovatec is added for control of Coccidiosis


• Dose rate: 10g per calf daily


• Pack size: 10kg



*For pricing or more information please contact one of our consultants listed below:

Victoria, Southern NSW, WA, SA:


Darby Norris: 0409 534 853 email:


Gippsland and Western Districts:

Kevin Beecroft: 0400 061 732 Email:

Qld, Northern NSW:


Robyn Plunkett: 0418 186 632 email:




Peter Bramich: 0488 902 171 email:





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