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BioPro Lead Feed Program

The purpose of the Biopro lead feed program is to:


  1. Help the cow adapt to the dairy ration before she calves minimising feed related issues (Steele, MA., et al, 2015)

  2. Deliver trace minerals and vitamins that will be used to synthesise colostrum and meet nutritional requirements to maintain a healthy cow (Dunn, A, et al, 2017)(Javanovic, I.B, et al, 2013)(Nocek, J.E, Socha, M.T, Tomlinson, D.J, 2006).

  3. To prevent metabolic disorders such as milk fever just after calving by stimulating the mobilisation of calcium in the blood (McGrath, J.J et al, 2012) using anionic salts and 25-hydroxyvitamin D.

  4. Reduce the incidence of ketosis by increasing blood glucose and insulin sensitivity (and reducing non esterified fatty acids (NEFA) with the inclusion of chromium Methionine (Hayirli, A. et al, 2001) plus a Direct Fed Microbial (Probiotic) (Nocek, J.E, et al, 2003).


BioPro SuperStart Lead Feed formula contains over 70 Billion CFU probiotics delivered daily in a professionally formulated anionic salt, vitamin and mineral blend. 


• Feed 16 to 18 days pre-calving



Digestive Enzymes:

• Alpha Amylase

• Protease

• Cellulase

• Lipase

• Pectinase


Active Live Yeast:

• Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Vitamins and Minerals:

• Vitamin D3

• Vitamin E

• Hy D

• Ascorbic Acid

• Vitamin A

• Cobalt

• Selenium

• Iodine

• Manganese

• Zinc

• Copper

• Chromium

• Ammonium Sulphate

• Magnesium Chloride

• Calcium Sulphate

• Sweetener

• Flavouring

• Mycotoxin Binder

Probiotic bacteria:

Bacillus subtilis

• Bifidobacterium
• Lactobacillus acidophiluslongum
• Bifidobacterium thermophilum

• Enterococcus faecium



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