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BioPro Rumen and Herd Health

The ingredients in BioPro have been formulated to be very effective in stimulating more efficient digestion of feed and improving herd health. Long term users consistently report improved herd health and increased feed efficiencies on the BioPro programs.


During an autopsy on a Dorrigo cow from a herd that had been fed BioPro probiotics for some years, the attending vet commented on the visibly impressive state of the rumen.

Following this, four further autopsies were commissioned on cull animals to investigate & confirm this observation, two in Tasmania and two in Qld.



"Her extensive Rumen Papillae condition is worth noting, considering she was a very high grain fed cow."
 Dr David Nolan (BVSc)


Comment in relation to above image of Rumen Papillae from autopsy on Jamie Berne's farm, Australian top 100 dairy farmer, Meander Valley, Tasmania.


1st Autopsy Tasmania


Lindsay Thompson

Bracknell Tasmania

Report prepared and autopsy performed by,

Dr David Nolan (BVCs)

Meander Valley Veterinary Service

2nd Autopsy Tasmania


Jamie Berne Autopsy

Report prepared and autopsy performed by,

Dr Dave Nolan (BVSc) 

Meander Valley Veterinary Service

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