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Why BioPro Calf Xtreme?

  • Calf Xtreme is a high strength probiotic containing a synergistic blend of beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes, and active live yeast, all in a concentrate form, with no inert carriers. 


  • Calf Xtreme is formulated to deliver very high daily doses of beneficial probiotics delivered in the milk or milk replacer which takes the bacteria and live yeast directly to the abomasum and small intestine.


  • A reduction in the incidence of scours was shown in a yeast culture trial, (Magalhaes, V.J, et al, 2008).


  • In four experiments, it was shown calves fed probiotics had a lower mortality, and lower incidence or diarrhoea and faecal coliforms compared to the control calves, (Timmerman, H.M,et al 2005).


  • It was found the 5-day repeated administration of a bacteria-based probiotic may enhance cellular immune function in weaned calves (Qadis, A.Q, et al, 2014).

  • McAllister described the mode of action of direct fed microbials in monogastrics which had a positive effect on the immune function key indicators, ​​​(McAllister, T.A, et al, 2011).

  • Timmerman also stated that probiotics fed to calves in milk or milk replacer could be an effective alternative to chemical based growth promotants, (Timmerman, H.M, et al, 2005).



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