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APS Road Trip Victoria, March 2021

This week has been extremely busy for the team at APS, with the arrival of Allan Hain, our product developer from interstate.

Allan travelled down from Queensland to spend some time on the road with the team and conduct additional training to help everyone gain a deeper understanding of how the products were developed, how they work and the benefits to farmers.

Together we visited some farms in the south west of the state before heading over to Gippsland. In Gippsland, we also had the opportunity to spend some time alongside Peter Parniak from Daveysway Dasco, visiting clients who use or would benefit from our products.

Who is Allan Hain?

A passionate advocate for probiotics, Allan Hain has spent his career researching and developing products that have maximum efficiency on-farm.

While probiotic use in dairy sheds is now well-researched and its effectiveness now well-established, when Allan first started in the industry over 20 years ago very few farmers had heard of probiotics for cows. Unsurprisingly, they were not overly interested to begin with!

However, Allan knew he was onto something good and refused to give up. He persevered with his marketing efforts in Australia. As time went on, he sought out the expertise of high-level microbiologists in the United States of America. Through consultation and collaboration with these experts, he began sourcing the best quality probiotics available on the market, coming out of the USA, Japan, Germany, and Austria.

The relentless pursuit of high-performance probiotics enabled Allan to develop the formulations for our most successful products, including BioCalf and BioBoost.

Needless to say, the team were very happy to have the opportunity to learn from the man behind the Probiotic Revolution, known to Daveysway Dasco as ‘the grandfather of the live micro-organism debate.’ His knowledge of probiotics in cattle is second-to-none.

The training

Regional managers had the opportunity to spend the whole week with Allan. Interesting discussions took place in the car and over meals, but the real learning came from the farm visits which started in south west Victoria on Monday and ended in Gippsland on Friday.

These visits gave the team the opportunity to deepen their product knowledge, gaining a better understanding of how the various ingredients have been professionally developed and interact for maximum efficacy. Allan covered the best products and treatment plans for common on-farm animal health issues.

In addition, the team developed a greater understanding of how to best support the farmers using our products, so that they can realise the full benefits of its preventative healthcare and immune-boosting benefits.

Peter Parniak from Daveysway Dasco in Gippsland headed up the Gippsland portion of the trip, organising visits to local farmers who currently use or would benefit from probiotics in their calves. His involvement added extra learning opportunities for the APS team, while offering him the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of our products.

Thank you!

We would like to thank Allan Hain for coming down to Victoria to share his knowledge with the team. Your time is greatly appreciated by all involved.

We would also like to thank Peter Parniak from Daveysway Dasco for taking the time to organise and host the Gippsland segment of our trip.

Finally, thank you to all the farmers we visited for the warm welcome onto your farms. We enjoyed seeing and discussing your operations and look forward to supporting you in future.

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