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Getting your Calves off to a Great Start using Probiotics

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Your calves are the future of your business. By introducing probiotics right at the start of life, you can help your future herd develop a healthy gut, which means you optimise their wellbeing and performance for a lifetime.

To make the introduction of high-strength probiotics to your calves simple, APS has created an easy to use, comprehensive system – the APS Ultimate Calf Rearing System.

What is the Ultimate Calf Rearing System?

Ready to take the guesswork out of rearing healthy calves?

With the APS Ultimate Calf Rearing System, you’ll lay the groundwork for strong, healthy calves from day one, utilising the strongest probiotics on the market.

Protect your most valuable future assets, building strong immune systems ready to take on the challenges of farm life with our Once-a-Day calf rearing system.

The APS Ultimate Calf Rearing System includes:

- BioCalf Probiotic Calf Starter

- BioBoost High Performance Probiotic Paste

- NutriFarm Calf Milk Replacer


BioCalf Probiotic Calf Starter

BioCalf is a powerful, easy to use blend of potent host specific probiotics, digestive enzymes, live active yeast and Yucca schidigera, designed to give your calves the best head start in life.

With the most strains of good bacteria, including 15.5billion CFUs in each dose – the highest on the market, BioCalf is the optimal choice for healthy calves.

Key benefits reported by our customers:

Healthier, stronger calves.

Kickstart your calves’ immune systems from day one by populating the microbiome with the correct strains of bacteria for optimal health. The correct GI microbiome is particularly crucial during times of challenge or stress, so early protection has powerful benefits for your calf rearing season.

A strong immune system will protect your calves from illness and aid in recovery.

Reduced antibiotic use.

Healthier calves with balanced microbiomes are less susceptible to bacterial infections.

Reduced nutritional scours.

By building healthy microbiome populations and supporting GI health, the rumen is protected from digestive issues, leading to fewer incidences of nutritional scours.

Promotion of early rumen development.

A healthy rumen helps calves digest hay, grass and meal earlier and with greater efficiency, increasing their intakes and leading to better weight gains and earlier weaning.

Ideal for calves being fed larger quantities of milk, such as in Once-a-Day systems.

By improving immune function and GI health, calves can consume larger quantities of milk in a single feed without an increase in scours - saving you time, money and hassle.

May help control Coccidiosis.

Yucca schidigera increases the flow of microbial protein from the rumen. It may also reduce bacterial methanogens associated with Coccidiosis, increasing energy available for growth.

How to use BioCalf

Mix with either warm or cold milk or water using the shaker provided and add to the feeder. We recommend warm water where possible, but the if using cold water or milk, BioCalf will still dissolve well. Just give it a good shake!

After shaking you may notice a debris that has not dissolved. This debris is the cell wall of the yeast and it is normal for it to be present after mixing.

For the first week and in times of stress: 2g/calf/day

Second week onwards: 1g/calf/day

BioBoost High Performance Probiotic Paste

BioBoost is the ultimate booster in times of stress, illness or at weaning. With high levels of superior performance probiotics, live active yeast and Vitamin E, it promotes immunity, recovery and effective digestion.

40 x stronger than competing products.

Key benefits reported by our customers:

Promotes immunity and recovery.

A powerful booster that helps improve response to stress and change while promoting recovery in unwell calves.

Improved digestion.

Assists in boosting GI health for optimal digestion while promoting recovery from GI illness.

How to use BioBoost

Squirt directly into the animal's mouth. Alternatively, apply onto or mix with feed if preferred.

At birth, in times of stress or illness and to re-inoculate after antibiotic therapy: 5g/calf

NutriFarm Calf Milk Replacer

Our premium milk replacement product is packed with all the essential ingredients growing calves need at the most important periods of their development.

High quality dairy and protein powders are combined with essential vitamins and minerals in a highly palatable blend that is readily accepted by calves.

Key benefits of NutriFarm Calf Milk Replacer:

A complete, balanced milk replacement.

Just add BioCalf for absolutely everything young calves need to grow strong and healthy.

Controls clinical signs of coccidosis.

With Bovatec ®.

Maximum performance and profitability.

NutriFarm includes Bio-Mos®, which feeds the GI tract during all growth phases.

How to use NutriFarm Calf Milk Replacer

Add to half the volume required of clean water heated to 38°C. Mix until dissolved and then add the remaining water.

Why choose the APS Ultimate Calf Rearing System?

This system has been designed as an all-in-one solution to revolutionise your calf rearing - to reduce your costs, stress, and time pressure during the most high-pressure part of the season.

Formulated with the ideal combination of balanced ingredients, each product offers complementary benefits to boost immunity in your calf shed.

Multiple host specific probiotic strands attach to key receptor sites, providing key benefits. Bacillus subtilis is a well-researched and highly effective spore bacterium found in both BioCalf and BioBoost. As an extremely potent immune stimulator, it has been found to produce powerful natural antibiotic compounds in the lower GI, where the majority of a calf’s immune function is modulated.

To ensure that probiotic bacteria reach the lower gastrointestinal tract where the majority of immune system modulation takes place, our world-leading manufacturers microencapsulate them, enabling them to by-pass the rumen unharmed.

Once in the mucous membrane of the lower GI tract the probiotics come to life, doubling every 20 to 30 minutes, where they can crowd out potential pathogens and modulate the immune system.

Digestive enzymes are the catalyst for feed breakdown, improving the efficiency of feed conversion and fibre utilisation.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae, an active live yeast in BioCalf and BioBoost, has been found to positively influence direct and indirect immune function, and support calves in times of illness or stress. Reports indicate that it greatly benefits the rumen, and increases dry matter intake and weight gain, thereby improving performance against KPIs.

With the APS Ultimate Calf Rearing System, you’ll save time and money, while enjoying the peace of mind that your most valuable asset is being well taken care of. You can be confident that you’re providing the best nutrition to promote strong growth, healthy immune systems, and content calves.

*Each of the products listed above can be used as a stand-alone targeted solution. However, for optimal results we recommend you use them together.

**Products suitable for both Once-a-Day and twice daily feeding.

Where to order

Find BioCalf and BioBoost at Dasco and all good rural supply stores.

Order your NutriFarm Calf Milk Replacer directly from APS – contact us here.

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