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The SuperStart Pre-Calving Leed Feed Program – Take a Look Inside

Getting calving off to the right start begins with providing your pre-calving herd with a suitable leed feed program. Doing so can help you benefit from a smooth transition to calving, which is vital to your success because up to 80% of disease costs in adult cows crop up in the first four weeks after calving.

However, the impacts can extend beyond veterinary costs to impacts that affect your production, performance, and profitability for the entire season.

What should a good leed feed ration include?

To provide everything your herd needs to maintain optimal health during calving, check that your leed feed ration includes:

- Digestive enzymes

- Probiotics

- Active live yeast

- Anionic salt

- Vitamins and minerals

- A mycotoxin binder

Digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes are the catalyst for feed breakdown, improving the efficiency of feed conversion and fibre utilisation. They help your herd to make optimal use of feed so that they absorb more nutrients, helping you reap more benefits from each tonne fed out.

As a result of better feed conversion, higher milk production is supported.


Probiotics boost overall animal health by improving gut health in your herd.

By seeding the gut with high levels of quality, host-specific bacteria, bad bacteria that causes illness can be crowded out. This can lead to lower rates of mastitis, lower Somatic Cell Counts (SCC), and lower rates of post-calving animal health costs.

In addition, because probiotics support overall health, animals are given the opportunity to enter calving stronger and in better condition. Stronger, more energetic cows need less help calving and bounce back more quickly – reaching optimal milk production levels sooner and holding production for longer.

Active live yeast

Active live yeast stabilises rumen pH and works synergistically to improve digestion.

Cows fed a good quality active live yeast pre-calving consume more hay and continue to feed right up until calving as a result of the appetite-enhancing, enzymatic and fibre-digesting actions of the yeast introduced. This effect is amplified if gut health is optimised with host-specific probiotics.

Anionic salts

Anionic salts are crucial for achieving a negative DCAD diet pre-calving. A negative DCAD diet helps reduce the risk of retained foetal membranes (RFMs), milk fever or other metabolic issues during or post-calving.

To find out why this is important, read more here.

Vitamins and minerals

Supplementing your herd with appropriate vitamins and minerals can help address seasonal deficiencies - supporting your herd with what it needs most during the most taxing part of the season.

Mycotoxin binder

Mycotoxin binders do exactly that - they bind to mycotoxins, preventing them from being absorbed by the GI system where they can cause poor health outcomes and fatalities.

This is particularly important if your feed is lacking quality or has hidden or visible mould contamination. Feeding this type of feed to animals just before calving can cause preterm abortion of calves, illness, weight loss and can be fatal. Cows may also be slow to come into milk or present with variety of symptoms that negatively impact your business.

Sounding a bit complicated? We don't believe it should be!

That’s why we created BioPro SuperStart, an all-in-one solution to help you provide everything your herd needs in an easy to feed ration.

What is BioPro SuperStart?

BioPro SuperStart is designed as an all-in-one solution to revolutionise your calving - to reduce your costs, stress, and time pressure during the most high-pressure time in the season.

Formulated with the ideal combination of 5 strains of beneficial host-specific probiotic bacteria, 5 digestive enzymes, active live yeast, anionic salt, vitamins, minerals, and a mycotoxin binder, it provides a complete solution for improving calving outcomes across your herd.

The blend has been professionally formulated to reduce metabolic disorders utilising high-strength, high-performance probiotics. With each dose containing an incredible 80 billion CFUs of probiotic bacteria – the highest number of probiotic strains and Colony Forming Units (CFUs) per gram on the market, nothing else compares.

For a personal consult from one of our experts or to order your leed feed ready for calving, contact us now.

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